The Fulton Rizzo Team

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The Fulton Rizzo Team

Why Choose Fulton­Rizzo Team?

The HUNT Distinctive Properties tagline is “We are always there for you,” and they are! The real estate team of Tom Fulton and MariaElena Rizzo lives in the community, their office is located in Cave Creek’s Rancho Manana, they are members of Kiwanis and the Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce. They have incredible networking capabilities between the two of them. “We are open seven days,” MariaElena assured, “but if wearen’t in the office because we are out showing homes, call us!” If you’re not in town, they’ll arrange to work with clients by way of Skype or Facetime. Yes, they are that accommodating.

While they help clients buy and sell all over the valley, their focus tends to be in Carefree, Cave Creek and north Scottsdale. They know the broader picture of the these localities but also desired neighborhoods: Rancho Manana, Tatum Ranch, the Boulders, Dove Valley Ranch, Sentinel Rock, Winfield, Canyon Ridge, Terravita, Desert Mountain.

The Fulton­Rizzo team has a combined 33 years of experience, not only in buying and selling homes for customers, but land as well as property development. They estimate they’d had 50 transactions in the last 24 months resulting in $18 million in revenue. The Fulton­Rizzo team represents evenly both buyers and sellers in residential and commercial transactions, everything from condos to million­dollar homes. No matter your budget, you’ll get thorough, professional and accurate representation.

It starts when Tom and MariaElena listen really well to all your needs. “We sit down at the table and bring up a map to show the area. We really do interview clients. Sometimes we uncover that what a client thinks he or she wants isn’t so when we dig deeper and ask the right questions,” Tom explained. MariaElena is an expert at finding just what any client is searching for. “If it's out there, I will find it.” According to Rizzo, the HUNT “Six Steps to Success Program” for Buyers and Sellers allows the team to fully understand their clients’ goals and objectives and helps the team deliver a seamless and stress­free experience for the families they serve.

“People often do think they know what they are looking for, but after two or more conversations, we really find out their needs.” As far as most folks when it comes to residential real estate, theywant to “right size.” Tom and MariaElena work with clients from start to finish. (They recently had the honor of working with a first­time home buying couple. Once the papers were signed and the couple moved in, MariaElena felt like she had extended her family!) If you are selling your abode, they focus on presentation. Do you need to declutter? Paint? Stage? They do not just marketing, but sophisticated marketing. And they know top­notch photos are key. They often go above and beyond, recently proffering hours of remodeling advice for someone getting ready to list a home for sale. As a perk to draw buyers, they offer a free seller’s home warranty. In that, both sellers and buyers find peace of mind.

A benefit for sellers who use the Fulton­Rizzo team is that their office is located on “prime real estate.” MariaElena offered, “Every day we have people from all over the country coming to the Rancho Manana Golf Course or Tonto Bar & Grill. They’re coming in from out of town, they fall in love with the area, and they stop in our office to see what’s available for sale. That’s not only an incredible advantage to our clients who are selling, but it’s so convenient for people who wish to move here.”

Fun fact about the Fulton­Rizzo team’s HUNT Distinctive Properties’ office: It’s located in the former historic Rancho Manana dude ranch cook’s house. It may be rented out for parties, weddings, showers, whatever one’s needs. It was plenty of square footage with a bathroom and sweeping patio (with fireplace) to enjoy the Sonoran Desert’s incredible views and climate.
Additionally, they love being able to make concessions for clients who sell their homes and buy another. “We are willing to reduce commissions for those who do both transactions with us,” Tom added.

While Tom and MariaElena have a tremendous rapport, they do have families of their own.

Hailing from the Hudson Valley area of upstate New York, MariaElena is married to Mark, and they share four kids between them. They currently live in Carefree. “I love being next to the mountain, next to the natural beauty. This is such a tight­knit, real community. We both have so many personal relationships with fellow business owners in the area. We have such an eclectic group of people who mingle well because we all love it up here,” MariaElena said.

Tom grew up in Colorado Springs, CO. He was involved in real estate development and his family actually owns Rancho Manana! In addition to being Skeeter’s dedicated caretaker along with his significant other, Noel, the couple shares eight children. Tom has lived in both Cave Creek and Carefree, and he would be happy to recommend either quaint town. He’s got a reputation for being an incredible negotiator, so clients know they will be getting the most equitable deal when they pick Tom to represent them.

A little bit about HUNT Distinctive Properties: The company was found in New York in 1911. It’s a third­generation family owned business, and the owners are hands­on. He visits the Cave Creek office once a month. (They also have locations in Tempe, Glendale and Scottsdale.) MariaElena is on a committee to help keep the owner informed so he knows what’s going on with Arizona real estate.